T.E.E.M. has provided workshops for artistic practices for many years, in schools and collages; the research and experimentation carried out in this field have allowed us to develop and produce major works, as much in terms of artistic excellence as in terms of developing a cultural medium, (in relation to cultural structures, scholastic establishments and territories.

Creations/research carried out by T.E.E.M.








              La Malle                                                        Héritage in Situ 

Writing in movement.

Writing in movement is the fruit of research over a number of years in the domain of creation, the transmission of dance and of artistic education. This work process as carried out by T.E.E.M. allows the sharing of an act of creation, to re interrogate the body by an approach to dance where each gesture is unique because it comes from the creators’ imagination. Writing in movement born from contempory dance has inspired the setting up of territorial projects, notably the projects “Queteurs/ passeurs de corps” which today, are developing into European projects, I.E.(Leornado/Grundtvig.