La Malle

Partnership : TEEM / Très-tôt-théâtre









This artistic and educational project asks students and their teachers to follow a path centered around dance and writing in movement, based on the expedient of a single object called “La Malle”. The proposed inventory comprises of practical artistic exercises based on the principal of writing in movement, a course of performances, encounters, artists’ workshops, various documents and objects etc, which allows the student to follow an autonomous path, whilst preserving an artistic discipline. Encourage students to work with their imagination as well as the process of writing.

Public : Teachers and classes of students, having had no dance practical or teaching from the 1st to the 6th year of secondary education.

La Malle is an assembly comprising of:


> A malle :

A treasure Chest (La Malle) : This “precious object”, comprising of a number of drawers, of different shapes and sizes; these are to be opened in a precise order, once the key has been obtained. Inside, there will be found various objects:, documents, workshops, a performance to discover, a book, videos to watch, or perhaps, an artist to discover etc…. Each drawer of the malle is like a new room which has to be discovered, but it is not enough to push the door open, you have to first win the key which opens it!

> a key keeper :

He is the interlocutor for the class and the guardian of the keys; he follows the progress of the project and helps to cross the steps by delivering the keys that allow access to the next drawer.

> A dancer:

: At the given moment the artist will come to meet the teacher and his students to help, correct and develop, in the format of a practical artistic workshop, the individual work that was started in the classroom.

> A performance :

This is chosen by the teacher with the agreement of the key keeper at the outset of the project. This show can be a meeting time with the artists of the Cie programme.

> A rule book :

Destined for the teacher, this is the tool which explains the way the Malle works: the proposed exercises, the use of objects found inside it and the itinery to follow.

>How it works :

The Malle can stay in the same class for up to six months. At the outset of the project, a meeting between the Malleteer and the teacher is necessary for each of them to understand the meaning of, and how the project will unfold, i.e.; the objectives, student involvement, use of the rule book, organization of follow ups, practical conditions, choice of the performance, methods used…The class follows, semi independently, the pathway pointed out by opening, one by one, and in the precise order, the drawers of the Malle and then following the instructions given. It’s always the Maleteer who gives the “green light” to continue to the next drawer by handing over the key. Students can keep “ships log” through the duration of the project.

An evaluation of the student’s progress is made by the Malleteer and teacher at the end of each drawer. Together they analyze the skills acquired by the student before passing to the next drawer. This evaluation conforms to the standards laid out by the French National Education and also those of “Writing in movement” carried out here under the name of “La Malle”.