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"Quêteurs de gestes / Passeurs de corps"








Construct an original and artistic approach, special to a territory base on a collection of gestures attitudes or movements putting the body into play, directly from a material and immaterial patrimony.

European workshop - writing in movement -2011

Grundtvig workshop - 2e2f agency

july 4-13-2011 Britanny- 20 participants - 12 european contries.

T.E.E.M involved European citizens in a cultural project trhough a specific artistic approach "writting in movement". Through this project, we have suggested another dialogue between cultures. A conversation that happened not only through words but also through the singularity of each participant's gestures. 



Collect transform and transmit gestures - 2012


No european support, led by TEEM

6 participants of the grundtvig project decided to continue the process of "writting in movement" initiated during the workshop in july 2011. Each participant, in his own territory collected traditionnal gestures, transformed them into artistic gestures (with the help of our artistic team) then transmitted the process to local residents.


Grundtvig assistanship - 2013

Grundtvig assistanship - 2e2f agency

Jana Bitterovà, student, dancer and former participant of the grundtvig european workshop came in Quimper to participate to some of our artistic projects : school project, collectage project, new european perspectives ... 


European Partership - training project - 2015-2017

Erasmus + - strategic partnership - 2e2f agency

"Queteurs de gestes / Passeurs de corps," is a co-operative project between 4-5 E.U. partner cultural bodies, initiated by T.E.E.M. Together the partners put forward a program of training and artistic development incorporating a framework of live performance, bringing into play body movements and gestures, allowing European artists to aquire new skills in sympathy with the artistic creation and development of existing local projects.


European training project