Compagnie Patric le Doaré is managed by two choreographers, Patric le Doaré and Maribé Demaille. The company works in several ways, but mainly by: Developing an exacting, demanding and singular artistic approach to our work; as well as working sympathetically with the general public and their places of residence. By affirming their “ cultural and educative responsibility, as artists”, these two choreographers have chosen to develop artistic projects, inspired directly by a territory, its inhabitants, their cultural identity and their history; with a desire to share contributively towards social development in a community.

“It is no longer just a question of producing a work , and then summoning the public to have an esthetic experience; we now have to produce a work following different stages, from the negotiation of a project, through to the final outcome and then its circulation.”;

The success of this sort of approach is reliant upon the artistic existence of such writings which takes their source from the very identity of the territorial entity concerned. The material of human relations is woven with the mutual respect of each other. So let us then form an exemplary bond together, because freed from a timed and formatted “normality”, the artist understands how to disentangle and guide even the most abstract of the artistic expression, where, by the intimacy of the body, is bought into play both collectively and individually. 







copyright, E.Legret, 2005




"“Every body is unique. It is the singularity of his own way of gesturing that reveals, to the artist, his own identity, a unique delivery which reveals himself to me, without, at the same time putting him into a box. As interpreter, the dancer becomes the author of his own progressive development. When the body comes into play, the originality of our movements allows us to discover another facet of ourselves. We bring to light a new signature in space!”.; Patrick Le Doaré 

"“Move forward slowly, to invent new circuits and place them, in reserve, in your mind . Experience every nook and cranny then go on once more to explore a little bit further.” Maribé Demaille.nbsp;





Compagnie Patrick le Doaré , at the same time, manages works of artistic excellence, of creation with professional dancers and organization of a system of transmission and of public awareness, taking into account the various complexities surrounding the territories in which they work. These two approaches being complementary to each other, as well as being mutually nourishing. 

L'écriture en mouvement

“Writing in movement” is the fruit of several years of research in the domain of Transmission. This proposition goes beyond just public awareness; it allows us to share a creative act, to re-question the body by an approach to dance where each gesture becomes unique, because belonging to the imagination of the creator, to observe “writings” by using the gestures of non dancers, we make the link between the amateur and the professional.