Territoires d'écritures en mouvement 

(Writing in movement) Organization for choreographic development

The Patrick Le Doaré company, Embedded in the town of Quimper, Brittany, since 1988, evolved into T.E.E.M. (Territories d’ecritures en movement), a structure for choreographic development. This framework emphasizes, and is based on the continuation of the works already undertaken by the company: of research and transmission, territorial links and the reflection of the artistic profession and its practices.

T.E.E.M. is also a place: A 17th century chapel we are able to offer a large reception and residential area to artists and companies. Equipped and adapted for live performance, it is also designed for research and creation, and equally time for the presentation and finalization of projects.

T.E.E.M. has also chosen to move its structure into a European perspective, with a view to evolving its practices, to re-appraise our approaches, to expand upon them; To confront diversity in all its forms and above all engage in projects with the partnership( Europe being the assembly point, the partnership is the core of European projects. ) T.E.E.M. will seek to move the ensemble of its projects into a European perspective.

T.E.E.M. addresses :

- DANCE COMPANIES, dancers, and any artist whose use of corporal expression is central to their project

- COMMUNITIES, for the emplacement of local projects involving professional artists, cultural organizations , local councilors, scholastic establishments and residents.

- TEACHERS, wishing to be involved in projects of artistic and cultural education. T.E.E.M. is developing its project around four points:

RESIDENTIAL RECEPTION – Companions: Accompaniment can be provided to dance companies, dancers or to performance artists who work with their bodies in movement.

- LOCAL PROJECTS: Set up choreographic projects proposed by the artists in a territory. Ensure favorable conditions , from the creator’s reception, to allow their implementation of the creative process and exchanges with the residents. 

EUROPEAN PROJECTS: Emphasizing dance and “writing in movement”, evolve their practice, expand them, confront Diversity and engage in partnership projects on a European level. 

- ARTISTIC AND CULTURAL EDUCATION: Allow all our students, in bringing the body into play, to establish a rich and coherent personal culture. Permit meetings between artists and their works and primary schools, secondary schools and colleges.